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At Least One Person Thinks Chiefs Are Packers Biggest Remaining Test

The Green Bay Packers are 12-0 so the watch is on to see if they'll be the second team in NFL history to finish the regular season 16-0. Of their four games remaining, the Packers play three at home -- Oakland Raiders, Chicago Bears and Detroit Lions -- and one on the road against the Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium.

The Packers will be favored in all those games but at least one NFL Network analyst believes their best shot at losing could come at Arrowhead Stadium.

Indeed, former NFL player Darren Sharper went on NFL Network this week and said that the team with the best shot to beat Green Bay down the stretch is your Kansas City Chiefs.

"When they go on the road," Sharper said of where the Packers could see their first loss. "Playing in Lambeau is too tough, it's too tough to beat this team, as good as the Green Bay Packers are.

"At Kansas City. I know it sounds like a surprise but I firmly believe Kansas City has the players on defense to match up with the receivers, they're athletic enough in the secondary, and they can get enough pressure on Aaron Rodgers with Tamba Hali coming off the edge."

He's right. The way the Chiefs defense has been playing they could conceivably hold the Packers in the low 20s. Only one team has held Green Bay at below 25 points this season and if the Chiefs play the Packers the way they've played the last two weeks, I could see them holding Aaron Rodgers and Co. to 24 points.

But...let's be realistic. That's only half the equation. The Chiefs have clearly demonstrated that they're among the league's worst at scoring points over the last month.

"Saying that, can they score points? That's the big question with Tyler Palko at the quarterback position. If they can find a way to manage maybe a special teams score, maybe a strip-fumble or a score on defense, they might have a chance. It's a tough thing to do but I think Kansas City is going to be their toughest opponent."

He might be right that the Chiefs will be the Packers toughest remaining game but I don't think you can actually predict a Chiefs win, not with the Chiefs offense.

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