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How Many Plays Did Kyle Orton Know For The Chiefs Offense?

The Kansas City Chiefs brought Kyle Orton into Sunday's game against the Chicago Bears and he lasted just one play before exiting due to what's been reported as a dislocated finger. Chiefs coach Todd Haley indicated after the game that they had some sort of package for Orton and that the plan wasn't necessarily to keep him in the entire game (if he hadn't gotten hurt).

Haley didn't say much about what Orton's role would have been citing reasons related to strategy but CBS announcer Kevin Harlan took a shot at what the Orton experience would have been if there wasn't an injury.

"I think they probably had 5-10 plays that he felt incredibly comfortable with," Harlan said on 810 WHB's Border Patrol Monday morning, "that he was ready to run, that could be changed at the line if he read something the defense was showing that he could go to."

A little bit of context here: Harlan called the game on Sunday and spent part of the week with the Chiefs preparing for the broadcast. He says "I think" in that sentence but he might have a decent idea of what Orton package would have been.

I'm not really sure if this means anything now because it'll change heading into next week but interesting nonetheless.

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