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Broncos, Raiders And Chiefs Making AFC West Interesting Again

I know some folks around here at this point in the season are wondering if it would be better for the Kansas City Chiefs to lose in order to secure better draft position because the chances of making the playoffs are so, so slim.

I hear ya but, me personally, I'm not like that. I lean to the ridiculously optimistic and it-ain't-over-til-it's-over side of things. I can't root for the Chiefs to lose, not when there's still the smallest of possibilities they can salvage the season.

So the Chiefs are 5-7 and they're two games behind the Oakland Raiders and Denver Broncos, who are now both 7-5 and tied atop the AFC West. It's unlikely the Chiefs make the playoffs, we know that. But it's not over, especially when you consider the Chiefs play both the Raiders and Broncos in the final two weeks of the season.

Here are the remaining schedules for each team:

Chiefs: at New York, Green Bay, Oakland, at Denver.

Raiders: at Green Bay, Detroit, at Kansas City, Chargers.

Broncos: Chicago, New England, at Buffalo, Kansas City.

Again, it's unlikely the Chiefs make the playoffs. We know that. But we're still going to track this thing all the way to the end and, for now, there is indeed a chance, however small it may be.

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