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Jared Gaither Lacked The 'Explosiveness' He Had In Baltimore

Friday is the day the Kansas City Chiefs coordinators talk to the media, including offensive coordinator/offensive line coach Bill Muir. The Chiefs website has video of his conversation with the media yesterday and one part stood out to me.

Muir talked about the decision to release OT Jared Gaither, which came out of the blue earlier this week.

"I think basically the situation was pretty clear cut," Muir said. "Even though technically he was 100 percent healthy, I guess technically, physically I didn't see that as the offensive line coach/coordinator. I didn't see the physicalness or the explosiveness he had when he played at Batlimore."

Interesting. The Star reported previously that Gaither said he was healthy, and now the Chiefs say he was "technically" healthy, so maybe there are varying interpretations of exactly what healthy is.

Anyway, Muir went on to indicate that what Gaither lacked physically and explosively wasn't the sole determining factor in his release.

"But there were other circumstances involved in it as you manage your roster at this time of year," Muir said. "So it wasn't all about, 'Can he play?', 'Can't he play?' or 'Who's better?', it was a tactical decision we made."

Sounds like the Chiefs are saying it was a bigger priority to get David Mims some active roster time (with five games remaining which means this isn't an accrued season) rather than keep Gaither in a reserve role.

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