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Looking For The Top Chiefs Stories Of The Year

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We're coming up on the offseason which means we're going to have lots (and lots...and lots) of down time around the Kansas City Chiefs. The playoffs are coming (even though KC isn't involved) and the NFL draft is around the corner, too.

But to fill some of the time we're going to need some story ideas from you all. Specifically, we want to do something on the top, let's say, 10 Chiefs stories of the year.

We started doing this last year and, like so many things around here, forgot about it halfway through. We're determined not to do that this year.

So, in terms of the top Chiefs stories of the year, we have....Todd Haley fired; all the injuries; the winning streak; and the losing streaks. What other big stories over the last year are we missing?

And while we're at it, you might as well give us some ideas on year end best-of lists (best player of the year, best game of the year, best play of the year, etc).

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