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Romeo Crennel On The Blocked Kicks That Ended The Chiefs Season

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We took yesterday off with it being Christmas and all and that was actually a nice distraction from what happened at Arrowhead Stadium on Friday. The Oakland Raiders topped the Kansas City Chiefs in overtime, ending any playoff talk for the Chiefs.

And the Raiders did that thanks in large part to two -- yes, two -- blocked kicks from Richard Seymour. (That trade for a first round pick doesn't look so bad now.) Chiefs coach Romeo Crennel explained the block kicks following the game and in case any of you haven't seen it, here's what he said:

"They use a double push technique and they were coming over our left side and our guys were trying to stay low so they wouldn't get pushed. But by being low they were able to get a little push over the top. Seymour is a long, tall guy and he used his length to get his hands up and block the kicks."

My only problem with the explanation is that this happened twice, which means the special teams coach (Steve Hoffman) was unable to or simply didn't make an adjustment after the first block kick.

This, plus the 91-yard kick return to start the day and it was hardly a banner day for special teams.

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