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Chiefs vs. Raiders: The Closing Line

Brandon Flowers vs, Raiders 

uploaded by Steve_in_RI

originally from KC Star website
Brandon Flowers vs, Raiders uploaded by Steve_in_RI originally from KC Star website

Gameday is here! Considering the rocky road we have traveled this season, the fact that the Chiefs are playing meaningful football in Week 16 is amazing. And who better to be playing meaningful football against than the hated Oakland Raiders? The playoffs scenarios have been discussed all week, it's time to let the chips fall where they may and hope the Chiefs can take care of business and get a little help along the way.

In The Opening Line, we saw that while Oakland opened as a small favorite, by Tuesday the Chiefs were favored by 1. Did the Chiefs stick as the favorite? Did support for Oakland push the line back to the other side again? I know these answers and let's find out that and more in our Week 16 edition of The Closing Line!

As of 8:30 AM Arrowhead Time, the Chiefs have moved up to 2.5 point favorites (3 at Bodog Bovada). It has been a slow and steady climb all week, but the money coming in has been enough to drive the line continuously in the favor of Kansas City. I am having trouble pasting the chart I have been putting up to illustrate the line moves, but I will say that the public is barely in favor of the Chiefs at 52% to 48%. Thus a 3.5 point move from the opener is a sign of large amounts of money that have come in for the good guys.

Back in Week 4, I said I would be making my biggest wager of the season on the Chiefs against the Vikings. Today, I (as long as the line stays at 2.5) will be truly be making my biggest wager of the season. I look at both teams objectively and I see one that is limping to the finish line and playing tense in important spots, while the other (now that the QB who wears #4 isn't playing and our former head coach has left) is loose and focused. Other than the Jets game, our defense has been superb for weeks. Carson Palmer is going to be in trouble today and if the line doesn't protect him, we might see Kyle Boller again. I just feel like Romeo is going to pull out the pressure today and Oakland cannot handle it. My only concern lies in Special Teams, but then I realize we have some good specialists as well. Overall, I think this one is going to be (not trying to jinx us) ALL Chiefs. I will be on them at -2.5 big.

Also, as an FYI, depending on where you play, the Broncos are 2.5 or 3 point favorites over Buffalo and currently Detroit is just a 2.5 point favorite over San Diego.

Fantasy Football Updates (Good luck in your Super Bowl!)

Once again, I am having trouble copying tables and lists to the article this morning, so I will give you this link to the injury report from our good friends here at SBNation!

Steve in RI's Selections

Kansas City -2.5 BIG

Buffalo +3 (this is not a homer play. And no, there is no statistical reason for me to put my money on the Buffalo Bills. But if we are being objective there is no way the Broncos should only be favored by 3. Consider also, the public has been pounding the Broncos all week, but the line won't go anywhere. I'll take my chances)

Cleveland +12.5

Green Bay -11.5

Well folks, it's time to start getting ready for the madness that is a game against the Raiders! God I wish I lived in the area so I could be at every game (says most out of towners). Enjoy it but also enjoy this wonderful holiday season regardless of what you do or don't celebrate. Either way, let's meet back here tonight and celebrate playing for the division title next week! Have a wonderful day!

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