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Raiders Vs. Chiefs: It's Gameday

Oakland Raiders, Kansas City Chiefs, the bad guys and the good guys. It's gameday folks.

Ms. Primetime is already cooking away this morning so our house smells like it should around Christmas time -- like bacon and gravy. She really would be a terrific tailgating cook if that was her thing (it's not like she's marrying someone who does something football-related so why would she care about tailgating?).

It's a holiday weekend so these few hours during the Chiefs game may be the only reprieve from some family the entire weekend. Cherish it. Experience tells me you'll need it.

The weather is nice in KC -- no white Christmas -- which means things shouldn't be a factor out at Arrowhead today. The game is indeed sold out which isn't a major surprise considering it's Raider week (but it's somewhat of a surprise considering the Chiefs barely sold out this game last year).

This is game No. 2 with Romeo Crennel as head coach and Kyle Orton at quarterback after last week's big victory. Was that a fluke? Can they do it again? Will either or both guys take a step towards returning in 2012? Still lots of unanswered questions entering the game.

Everyone ready for today? Who's going?

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