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Get Your Free Android SB Nation App Here

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sb nation app
sb nation app

Back in August when SB Nation released it's iPhone app to help you track all of your favorite teams and communities, the first comments were inevitably, "When are you going to make an app for Android?"

Well I'm happy to say that the SB Nation Android app is finally here. Get it at the Android Market for FREE.

As an Android (Nexus S) user myself, I have to say this app is incredibly slick (and I'm really not just saying that). You can follow communities and stories from sites like AP in addition to being able to get updates from's StoryStreams.

Here's what you need to do:

1. Download the app.

2. Give us a (good) review on the app page.

Give us feedback in the comments. Our product team will be reading these comments. Who got the app?