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KC Chiefs Playoff Picture 2011: Scenarios For The AFC West

The Kansas City Chiefs can still make the NFL playoffs this year. And the scenarios for that happening aren't that ridiculous. If the Chiefs win next week against the Oakland Raiders, it's going to be 2006 all over again.

Football Outsiders hasn't updated their playoff odds for this week yet but last week the Chiefs had a 1.1% chance of making the playoffs. Literally 1%. This should make for a good story if when we do make the playoffs.

A lot of times I read playoff picture posts and think to myself, "This could be explained a lot more simply." So here's my attempt to do that.

The rest of the AFC West schedule looks like this:

  • Chiefs - Oakland, @Denver;
  • Chargers - @Detroit, @Oakland;
  • Raiders - @Kansas City, San Diego; and,
  • Broncos - @Buffalo, Kansas City.

In order for the Kansas City Chiefs to win the AFC West (we're out of the Wildcard race), these three things have to happen:

1. The Chiefs have to win their last two games against the Raiders and Broncos.

2. The Bills have to beat the Broncos next week.

3. The Chargers lose once in their next three games (They're playing the Ravens now on Sunday Night Football).

So, in addition to the Chiefs' game next week against the Raiders, the game you'll want to be paying attention to is Bills vs. Broncos. That game is Saturday at 1 p.m. ET. The Bills have to win that game.

These scenarios aren't that ridiculous, although I have to say I'm uneasy with the Bills' chances against the Broncos. What can I say? Buffalo hasn't exactly inspired me this season.

Make sure you vote in the poll. What's your gut telling about the Chiefs and the 2011 NFL playoffs?

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