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Chiefs Stun Packers And 27 Things To Remember From The Game

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As expected, the Kansas City Chiefs cruised to a non-eventful victory over the Green Bay Packers.

Just like we all expected, right?

Incredible day, incredible game and an incredible effort from the Chiefs who, on paper, had no business staying with the 13-0 Packers. But with a few minutes remaining, there they were scoring the clinching touchdown.

The only reaction I have is just wow.

27 things to remember about the game after the jump.

Arrowhead has been taken over by Cheeseheads. Walking into the stadium today there were more Packers fans tailgating outside than Chiefs fans. And inside the stadium the numbers are split, at best. It's probably a little more pro-Green Bay here than KC. You could hardly make out "...and the home of the Chiefs!" in the national anthem and on the first drive a clear "Go Pack Go" chant was started.

The Kyle Orton era starts with no glove. The Chiefs QB was expected to wear a glove on his throwing hand but he was spotted warming up before the game without the glove. And, as the game started, there's no glove. So Orton's finger must really be feeling well.

Chiefs first drive ends in points. Good start for the Chiefs on their first drive going 79 yards in 14 plays and 6:01. The Chiefs offense looked re-energized on the field, quickly getting the plays in and marching down the field. The drive stalled on the one yard line and KC settled for a field goal, the first points of the game. The distribution on the drive as seven passes (Kyle Orton was 4-of-7 for 56 yards) and six rushes.

Where is Dwayne Bowe? Intrestingly Bowe didn't make an appearance on the field until the 13th play of the game for the Chiefs (third and goal, which they didn't get). He was limping slightly on the sideline but, other than that, I'm not sure why he wasn't in there. The Chiefs had Terrance Copper in for most of the first drive and he's usually in there for blocking purposes but he caught two passes for 20 yards on the drive.

First debate of the game: Should Chiefs have gone for the touchdown? KC drove all the way down to the one yard line on their first drive and facing a fourth and goal elected to kick the field goal. The argument against that is that you gotta get seven points when you're playing a team like the Packers. The argument for it, of course, is that points are points and the Chiefs gotta get anything they can.

Bad teams make dumb mistakes. And running into the kicker on fourth and three is one of them. The Chiefs defense did an excellent job forcing a three and out on the Packers first drive but Jeremy Horne ran into the kicker on the punt, which gave the ball back to Green Bay. You simply can not give this offense extra chances.

Tamba bein' Tamba. The Packers had a first and 10 on their first drive and Aaron Rodgers dropped back to pass. He stepped up in the pocket to avoid the rush and as he turned to his right he was met by Tamba Hali, who drilled him to the ground, causing the ball to pop loose. A Green Bay offensive lineman picked the ball up trying to advance the ball (for some unknown reason), dropped a stiff-arm (!), fumbled the ball and another Packers player picked it up. Wild sequence.

Bad teams make dumb mistakes, part two. Fourth and long and the Packers miss a 54-yard field goal. The problem? KC had 12 men on the field. The second fourth down penalty extending a Packers drive. The Chiefs were bailed out when Mason Crosby missed the follow-up 49-yard field goal attempt.

Impressive start for the Chiefs. I'm impressed, Chiefs, I must say. KC has two drives and two field goals to show for it as the first quarter ends. This reminds me a lot of the Patriots game where the Chiefs really played decent for most of the game and had a horrible 10-minute stretch where the Patriots put up three touchdowns.

Fourth time this year Green Bay has been held scoreless in the first quarter. The final score in those three other games: 30-23 (vs. Carolina), 25-14 (vs. Atlanta) and 27-15 (vs. Detroit).

Chiefs love those screens. KC is coming out with multiple screens already today and they're very effective. I don't think we saw as many screens earlier in the season.

Chiefs make the wrong call on fourth down. Early in the game the Chiefs had a fourth and goal from the one yard line and elected to kick the field goal, which many folks criticized. And with three and a half minutes left in the second quarter, they had a fourth and goal from the three yard line and...decided to go for it. I actually thought this was a bad call as the Chiefs lead 6-0 at the time and could've taken a two-score lead. You could tell the players wanted to go for it though -- OT Brandon Albert was seen motioning to the sidelines, hoping to lobby the coaching staff into going for it.

Tamba gets mauled in the end zone. The Packers had a third and long inside their own five yard line and Tamba Hali broke through the right side of the line coming after Rodgers and was clearly held -- I'd actually say it was a choke hold -- in the end zone, which should've been a safety. But, like we see several times throughout the game, Hali couldn't draw the flag.

Chiefs finish a strong first half. Chiefs have a 6-0 lead over Green Bay after the first half. It's not even close in time of possession and KC has had drives of 14, 9 and 15 plays. They're moving the ball well but just can't find the end zone. Meanwhile, the pass rush is there at times, the secondary is playing well but the biggest help for the Chiefs has been the Packers receivers dropping multiple balls already today. Still, the Chiefs are looking good early in the game, despite multiple breaks that went to the Packers. Oh, and Kyle Orton is 14-of-19 for 152 yards and no turnovers through one half.

Best first half stat: Chiefs controlling the time of possession with 20:33 compared to the Packers' 9:27. Best way to beat Aaron Rodgers? Keep him off the field.

Paid attendance for the game: 74,093.

Can't hold the Packers down forever. You just can't do it all game long. Aaron Rodgers and the Packers went down the field on their first drive of the second half and put up a touchdown taking the lead, 7-6. Rodgers hit Jermichael Finely on a long 49-yard pass (and the refs missed another hold on Hali on the play) inside the 10-yard line. The Chiefs held strong on the next two plays before allowing a third down touchdown.

Chiefs take the lead back from Green Bay. Did you think I'd be writing this sentence in the second half: The Chiefs kicked a field goal to take the lead back from the Packers, 9-7. KC had a seven-play drive that was highlighted from the Packers moving to a zone look, likely to combat the Chiefs screen passes. It worked and Orton moved them past midfield and into field goal position.

By the way, that's 20 consecutive field goals for Ryan Succop. Remember when some folks talked about cutting him early in the year?

Stat of the day: The Chiefs are the first team this year to hold a fourth quarter lead over the Packers. Incredible.

Packers say no to the field goal and go for it. Facing a fourth and eight from the 39-yard line, the Packers decided to go for it and avoid the 56-yard field goal attempt. That's likely because Mason Crosby missed a 54-yard and 49-yard attempt earlier in the game. Rodgers and Co. did NOT get the fourth down conversion and the Chiefs get the ball back. Let me repeat that: The Chiefs have the lead in the fourth quarter against the 13-0 Packers and have the ball. Wow.

Leonard Pope strikes again. A 33-yard strike from Orton to Pope gets the Chiefs inside the five yard line. This is in addition to his 39-yard reception earlier.

Interesting note on Pope's reception from former officiating czar Mike Pereira: "In KC/GB - Pope play at goal line should have been challenged and it would have been a fumble & touchback giving GB the ball. KC FG good."

Annoying stat of the day: The Chiefs have been inside the Packers three-yard line on three occasions and have six points to show for it.

The Chiefs are trending on Twitter. More accurately, the "Cheifs" are trending on Twitter.

Who is this Chiefs team? KC punches it in for a touchdown with just under five minutes remaining in the game and taking a 19-7 lead over the Packers. Wow. Just wow.

That's it, folks. Just an incredible game for the Chiefs. If this is their Super Bowl, it's one hell of a win.

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