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Here Comes Kyle Orton's First Start With The Chiefs

Well, this is it -- the start of the Kyle Orton era for the Kansas City Chiefs. Maybe it lasts just a few games but this is game numero uno with Orton as the man. The Chiefs host the unbeaten Green Bay Packers this afternoon so Orton could've picked a better draw for his first start in red but as Romeo Crennel said this week the opponent doesn't really matter.

(That said, let's be honest -- a 4-9 team would've been much better for Orton's first start than a 13-0 team.)

So Orton gets the start today two weeks after a reported dislocated finger on his right hand. He'll be wearing a glove on his throwing hand, something he doesn't like to do. The glove can affect a couple of things in today's game including the snap and accuracy.

When you have a finger injury like that the first question that comes to my mind is whether he can grasp the ball when taking the snap (and avoiding a fumble). The Chiefs hinted earlier in the week that we might see more shotgun due to that finger injury but on Friday Crennel said, "The ball has not been on the ground when he has taken the snap so that's a good sign that there have been no fumbles with him." So all appears to be good to go there.

And the next question that comes to your mind is whether this affects Orton's accuracy. Some quarterbacks don't mind the glove while others do mind it (and Orton minds it, apparently). This is something we can't really predict. He's worn a glove before but there's no discernible difference in how he plays with or without it.

As long as he gives the Chiefs a deep threat, and avoid a pick-six like he had last time he played Green Bay, Orton will be fine.

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