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Packers Vs. Chiefs: Cheeseheads Expected To Fill Arrowhead

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Arrowhead Stadium and the Kansas City Chiefs fans tailgating outside may start to soon smell like cheese. The early signs are that the Green Bay Packers fans will be represented very, very well out at Arrowhead Stadium this afternoon.

Ms. Primetime has some family in town from the Minnesota area and, yes, they're Packers fans. So we all went out to dinner last night and because of their Green Bay affiliation we took notice of all the Packers fans around. Folks wearing Packers geared outnumbered folks wearing Chiefs gear 12:1 and it became almost comical how many of these cheeseheads are roaming the streets this weekend.

The Cheeseheads are already one of the top three traveling fan bases in the NFL (along with the Cowboys and Steelers) and add in the fact that the Packers are 13-0 and you have the recipe for a cheese-filled Arrowhead Stadium.

In fact, I'm going to predict there are more Packers fans than Chiefs fans today. That's due to a combination of the Chiefs playoff hopes nearly being dead meaning this game is essentially meaningless, that the Packers are undefeated, that Packers fans travel as good as any fan base in the league and that I've seen more Packers fans this weekend than I remember of any other opponent.

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