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Chiefs' Jovan Belcher Fined $15,000 For Hit On Mark Sanchez

The Kansas City Chiefs were blown out by the New York Jets last weekend and now LB Jovan Belcher's wallet will be blown out.

An NFL spokesman tells us Belcher was fined $15,000 for a hit on QB Mark Sanchez last week.

Belcher's illegal hit came with about six and a half minutes left in the third quarter and, according to the league, he hit Sanchez in the head/neck area, which is why he was fined. It was during that meltdown series where the Chiefs had a penalty on almost every play of that drive.

In case you forgot about that drive, I posted the play-by-play after the jump. Re-live it in all its glory.
  1. 1-10-NYJ 10(8:14) 6-M.Sanchez pass short left to 23-S.Greene to NYJ 11 for 1 yard (56-D.Johnson). PENALTY on NYJ-38-J.Conner, Chop Block, 5 yards, enforced at NYJ 10 - No Play.
  2. 1-15-NYJ 5(7:52) 23-S.Greene right end to NYJ 7 for 2 yards (48-R.Langford). PENALTY on NYJ-62-V.Ducasse, Offensive Holding, 2 yards, enforced at NYJ 5 - No Play.
  3. 1-17-NYJ 3(7:24) 23-S.Greene right tackle to NYJ 8 for 5 yards (94-T.Jackson).
  4. 2-12-NYJ 8(6:41) 6-M.Sanchez pass incomplete short right to 17-P.Burress. PENALTY on KC-59-J.Belcher, Roughing the Passer, 15 yards, enforced at NYJ 8 - No Play.
  5. 1-10-NYJ 23(6:36) 6-M.Sanchez pass incomplete short right to 23-S.Greene. PENALTY on KC-93-C.Greenwood, Defensive Holding, 5 yards, enforced at NYJ 23 - No Play. Penalty on KC-94-T.Jackson, Defensive Holding, declined.
  6. 1-10-NYJ 28(6:36) PENALTY on KC, Unsportsmanlike Conduct, 15 yards, enforced at NYJ 28 - No Play. Penalty against Head Coach Todd Haley
  7. 1-10-NYJ 43(6:31) Direct snap to 23-S.Greene. 23-S.Greene right tackle to NYJ 47 for 4 yards (94-T.Jackson; 53-D.Williams).
  8. 2-6-NYJ 47(5:48) 23-S.Greene left guard to 50 for 3 yards (56-D.Johnson).
  9. 3-3-(5:04) 6-M.Sanchez pass incomplete short right to 17-P.Burress (24-B.Flowers). PENALTY on KC-24-B.Flowers, Defensive Pass Interference, 16 yards, enforced at 50 - No Play.
  10. 1-10-KC 34(4:54) 6-M.Sanchez FUMBLES (Aborted) at KC 34, and recovers at KC 34. 6-M.Sanchez pass incomplete deep middle to 81-D.Keller. PENALTY on KC-23-K.Lewis, Defensive Pass Interference, 30 yards, enforced at KC 34 - No Play.
  11. 1-4-KC 4(4:52) (Shotgun) 6-M.Sanchez pass incomplete short left to 17-P.Burress (39-B.Carr).
  12. 2-4-KC 4(4:49) (Shotgun) 23-S.Greene up the middle to KC 3 for 1 yard (91-T.Hali; 56-D.Johnson).
  13. 3-3-KC 3(4:11) (Shotgun) 6-M.Sanchez up the middle for 3 yards, TOUCHDOWN.

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