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Results Of Our Josh McDaniels Poll

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The Kansas City Chiefs are starting their search for the next head coach, whether that ends up being Romeo Crennel or someone else out there. The rumor mill is already churning and the name we hear the most often is Josh McDaniels, currently the offensive coordinator for the St. Louis Rams.

We ran a poll the other day asking if Chiefs fans would approve if McDaniels was hired as the Chiefs head coach and the results are...well, they're not good for McDaniels.

With nearly 3,300 votes, a whopping 91 percent of readers said they would not approve of a McDaniels hire while nearly nine percent said they would.

GM Scott Pioli hasn't actually said whether he would be interested in McDaniels (and he probably won't since McDaniels is still under contract with the Rams) so we're just working off of what the rumor mill is saying right now. But if Pioli does look to McDaniels, he knows how the fans will respond.

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