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Todd Haley's ESPN Appearance Goes Well

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley went on ESPN's Audibles show on Thursday night, the first public comments we've seen from Haley since the Chiefs fired him on Monday. He looked relaxed with his beard trimmed and wearing a sport coat and jeans. (Chris tells me the sport coat + jeans combination is a real "east coast look".)

I think the biggest takeaway from his appearance is that we, as fans, may have never really gotten to know the true Todd Haley. He seemed like a different guy, so relaxed, calm and cool. Definitely not the same guy we saw in press conferences four times a week during the season.

Haley really could be an analyst on ESPN or another network because he provided solid analysis and looked natural sitting on the set.

A few highlights of the show:

  • The participants in the show included Haley, Keyshawn Johnson, Jerry Rice and Trent Dilfer.
  • The format of the show basically had people sending in questions via Facebook or Twitter for the panel to discuss.
  • When talking about Jerry Jones giving Jason Garrett a vote of confidence, Haley said, "I wish someone would've given me a vote of confidence, real or not." That sounds like Haley indicating there was a lack of support from the Chiefs.
  • He called the 49ers the "Chiefs of last year" and by that I think he meant a surprise team doing the little things right. That's basically who the Chiefs were last year. Good comparison.
  • He said "we" a few times when talking about the Chiefs before correcting himself to say "they".

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