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So What's Todd Haley Been Up To This Week?

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The Kansas City Chiefs fired Todd Haley on Monday but on Wednesday he was still in Kansas City doing some good around the community. Haley and his wife were working on a charitable project on a home in the Kansas City area, a project that's been going on for a while but they just completed this week.

KMBC has a report with more details (and a video of Haley):

Chrissy Haley said she and her husband have been involved in this particular charity project for the past couple of months. The family that will benefit from their efforts will get the result of their work on Thursday.

Good for them. Haley said he couldn't say anything about his Chiefs job but, regardless, I think it's pretty cool he finished this project up even after getting the boot from the Chiefs.

Now I'm just waiting to hear what he has to say about the Chiefs....

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