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My Open Letter

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I'm not a sportswriter right now, I'm a fan. More specifically, I'm a Kansas City Chiefs fan. I feel hurt, lied to and angered by the news today that Todd Haley was fired.

Whether you liked the man or not, at least he wasn't phony.

Scott Pioli,

How could you do this to a fan-base that is one of the most loyal in all of sports? You may not personally like him, but he got results didn't he? Yes, the team is 5-8 this season, but let's be honest for just a minute, shall we?

The team is still churning the bottom of the roster and couldn't withstand the injuries it suffered. Haley tried his best to make it work, and halfway through the season had his team in first place; yet he's fired.

Who's fault is it that Tyler Palko is the backup quarterback on this team? In today's NFL the backup QB is one of the most important positions on a team, and it went unchecked. You know, like a long-term nose tackle and even a short-term right tackle.

Haley didn't deserve the fate he was levied this week. He took a young and still rebuilding team to a division championship last year. This team is clearly on the rise and now we have no clue what direction it's going to go.

If some of the rumors turn out to be true and you hire Josh McDaniels, you will lose the trust of this fan. He has shown no ability at all to be a head coach. Lord knows he certainly never won a division title.

Personally, I don't care how you and Haley co-exist. Be professional. How would this be looked upon if two players couldn't get along? Grow up and bridge the gaps. You're running an organization and you can't even get along with someone YOU hired? This doesn't bode well for the future.

I wonder how Derrick Johnson, Dwayne Bowe, Jamaal Charles and other improved players feel about his firing? I wonder if it will cost the franchise Bowe now with the uncertainty looming over this team like a hazy fog in the night.

By the way, Scott, tell your boss Mr. Hunt that the Steelers - the team he keeps saying he wants to emulate - wouldn't have done something like this. They would've come together as a collective unit and been patient. Instead, we're back to square one.

I expected better out of you, Scott. You better be right about all of this. If you're not, I hope you don't expect better out of me.

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