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Jim Harbaugh Effect On The Chiefs Coaching Search

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The Kansas City Chiefs are looking for a new head coach after firing Todd Haley this week. Maybe that ends up being Romeo Crennel for 2012 and beyond but the Chiefs are expected to go through a full coaching search.

And the NFL, as many of you know, is sort of a copycat league. What works for one team will inevitably be copied by another team. (Lookin' at you, Patriot Way.)

That brings us to the Chiefs coaching search.

College coaches heading to the NFL don't always have success and there have been some big flameouts like Steve Spurrier and Nick Saban lately so teams have been reluctant to look to the college ranks.

But there's also been one college coach that's had a ton of success in the NFL recently -- Jim Harbaugh. The San Francisco 49ers are one of the top teams in the NFL and many credit Harbaugh, the first year NFL head coach.

Again, the NFL is a copycat league, which makes me wonder if Harbaugh's success will make it easier for other franchises, like the Chiefs, to look to the college ranks to find their next head coach.

So I guess my question is: Do the Chiefs consider college coaches for their job? Obviously there's Kirk Ferentz, whose name is already getting quite a run on the rumor mill, but I'm talking about others that might be available. Is it a possibility to look to college? Does Harbaugh's success make you extend the search to the college ranks? Are there any names you know that would make a good candidate?

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