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Chiefs Offense, Defense Won't Have Major Changes Under Romeo Crennel

The Kansas City Chiefs are in a tough spot because while they just fired their head coach they also have a game this weekend against the Green Bay Packers. It's not exactly ideal to be changing head coaches mid-week but the Chiefs still have to line up for their final three games of the season, starting on Sunday.

So will there be any changes under Romeo Crennel, the interim head coach? (Other than a new quarterback, of course.)

"If this were February one then I might change a lot of things okay, when having an offseason and all of that to get ready, but I've got four days to get ready to play the Green Bay Packers who are undefeated. So you want me to throw out all the offense and to throw out the defense and to bring totally new people in, I don't think that that's the way to go.

Crennel said the idea is to not create so many distractions. The head coach being fired is obviously a distraction so he wants to keep many things the same. For example, the play calling situation won't change -- Crennel will call the defensive plays and Bill Muir and Jim Zorn will coordinate to call the offensive plays.

While the Chiefs may not be changing much, other than the quarterback, let's hope the results change and they actually, you know, score a few touchdowns.

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