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Cross Marty Off The List

The Kansas City Chiefs are once again looking to hire a head coach and, according to Scott Pioli's press conference announcing Todd Haley's firing, the Chiefs GM is open to a lot of possibilities, whether that's a young coordinator, an established head coach or perhaps someone he's worked with before. It sounds like all options are on the table.

When you're in Kansas City, and you're looking for a coach, there's undoubtedly going to be one name that comes up -- Marty.

(Yes, one of the few guys on a first name basis with the entire city of Kansas City.)

Whether it's for the head coaching job, or a front office job, we've heard Marty's name brought up every time the Chiefs have been looking for a head coach whether it's Gunther Cunningham, Dick Vermeil, Herm Edwards or Todd Haley.

I'm not sure if people are actually serious when they suggest Marty-to-the-Chiefs -- I don't think most people are -- but if you are you should check out this quote from Marty in Kent Babb's latest at the KC Star:

"And I'm not looking for a job," Schottenheimer said with a chuckle.

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