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Poll Shows Chiefs Fans Split On Todd Haley Firing Decision

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As everyone knows by now, the Kansas City Chiefs fired head coach Todd Haley prior to a press conference out at Arrowhead from owner Clark Hunt and GM Scott Pioli. The news is surprising as any head coach firing is but many folks saw this coming so on the other hand it's not that surprising.

We ran a poll shortly after the Haley firing asking a simple question: Do you approve of the move to fire Todd Haley?

The results are pretty interesting -- only 53 percent of the nearly 3,000 voters approved of the move while 46 percent did not approve.

Usually when a head coach is fired, the fan base rejoices because there's been a lot of losing, or people are unhappy. I think people were unhappy with Haley -- our monthly approval polls show that -- but it's interesting that there's not an overwhelming support on firing him.

What do you think? Is it odd that there's not a majority here?

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