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Grade The Chiefs Performance Against The Jets

How do you grade the Kansas City Chiefs in Sunday's game against the New York Jets?

Easy: F.

The Chiefs were pretty miserable in all areas on Sunday. Oh, and I think we know what grade Todd Haley got from Scott Pioli.

Offensively, the team gained four yards in the first half. Yeah, you read that right -- four yards. That's not really surprising though. We knew going in the Chiefs, at best, might score one touchdown (which they did). We knew Thomas Jones and Jackie Battle would struggle. We didn't think Dwayne Bowe would drop a touchdown pass but looking back that doesn't surprise me. The worst part of the Chiefs offense on Sunday is that we knew what was coming.

Defensively, the team allowed 28 first half points which with this offense means the game was over by the second quarter. The Chiefs got after Mark Sanchez a little bit but it seems every time they flushed him from the pocket he had an outlet pass just sitting there for him. Todd Haley said the Jets running backs dominated the Chiefs in the first half. The only good thing you can say about the Chiefs defense? They were merely bad in the second half, as opposed to horrible.

So how do you grade the Chiefs performance on Sunday?

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