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Jets Beat Chiefs: Five Bad Stats

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That was ugly, we all know that. You don't need me to point out five bad stats to tell you how bad the Kansas City Chiefs were on Sunday against the New York Jets. It was pretty obvious.

But if you're a glutton for punishment, check out five bad stats on the Chiefs 37-10 loss to New York:
11. Penalties by the Chiefs. This was the worst part of the game, I think. The Chiefs didn't have any control and apparently Todd Haley didn't either. KC had eight penalties called on them on one of the Jets six-play drives. Six plays, eight penalties. Yup. Two penalties on players on the sideline, which is really unusual.

1. Touchdowns by the Chiefs. This could actually go under the "Good" stats section because, hey, they actually scored. But treating this offense like it's a normal offense and we know that one offensive touchdown in a game is not good. Occasionally, you can win that way (see: Bears game) but it's not a good habit. There's really no use spending lots of time diagnosing what's wrong -- it starts with the quarterback and that's clearly broken right now.

2-of-12. Chiefs third down percentage. An ugly 16 percent, which sounds about right for this crew. You just knew every time the Chiefs reached a third and whatever they didn't have a chance.

21. Second quarter points given up. The Chiefs gave up 21 points in the second quarter. It kind of reminded me of the Patriots game a few weeks back where they had a meltdown at the end of the first half and leading into the beginning of the second half. This Chiefs team seems to have mental collapses for stretches of time that results in touchdown after touchdown for the opponent, giving the Chiefs basically no chance to win the game. The defense has been lights out the past few games but, as good as they can be, we have to remember that they've had multiple meltdowns this year.

3.8. Yards per offensive play. This is a good example of the Chiefs overall ineptitude on offense right now. You know what the worst part of this is? 3.8 yards per snap is actually an improvement compared to last week. 3.8 yards per play is an improvement. Good grief.

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