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Jets Beat Up The Chiefs And 21 Things To Remember About The Game

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Well....I don't know what to say. That was an embarrassing outing by the Kansas City Chiefs as they lost to the New York Jets 37-10.

This is the fifth blowout of the year for the Chiefs. They really don't seem to be getting better as the season goes on, which is a really bad sign. Even with a backup quarterback, you should occasionally be productive on offense. The Chiefs can't score consistently.

To steal a line from HisDirkness....

Best question to ask this week: Why the heck can't Ricky Stanzi play?

That was by far the majority of the tweets we received during Sunday's game. Does anyone know?

I took a bunch of notes during the game. You can tell throughout the first half I'm interested and engaged and then shortly after halftime I kind of zoned the Chiefs out. It's hard to watch games like that.
Bad start, good start for the Jets. And you thought the Chiefs had communication problems? The Jets walked onto the field with just 10 players for their first offensive play. The play clock ran down too far and New York had to call a timeout -- before they even ran a play. Unfortunately, the Jets came back out and with a 31-yard for Shonn Greene, the longest run of the season for him.

Jets breaking out the wildcat. Last week the Jets broke out the wildcat a few times and they've been working on it a lot more lately. We saw it early on Sunday as the Jets went wildcat on their third play of the game.

Big mistake leads to a touchdown. The Jets basically overpowered the Chiefs on the first drive of the game moving inside the five yard line with six rushes and four passes. On a third and goal, the Chiefs had a shot to hold New York to a field goal but Javier Arenas was flagged for defensive holding, which gave New York a fresh set of downs. They scored on a bootleg by Mark Sanchez on the next play.

Brandon Flowers leads the NFL with 18 passes defenses. Learn somethin' new everyday.

Ryan Succop continues to impress. When was the last time he missed? And when did he get this deep range? Succop hit a 53-yarder to get the Chiefs on the board and it could've gone a couple more yards. (Answer: Hasn't missed since Sept. 25 and has made 17 consecutive field goals. That's the fourth longest streak in franchise history.)

Javier Arenas gets the sack. Arenas blitzed off the corner and sacked Sanchez on third down, which was a big stop for the Chiefs. Remember when he was coming out, Arenas was considered one of the best blitzing cornerbacks in the draft.

Matt Cassel is on the sidelines. And it looks like he's actively involved, talking to coaches and players.

Justin Houston picks up a sack. That's four in the last two games now. He drilled Sanchez and it looked like the Jets QB was walking to the sideline very gingerly.

Down goes Jon McGraw. A few weeks ago the Chiefs missed Jon McGraw in the secondary and they were lit up in the secondary. And now McGraw has gone down with an ankle injury against the Jets. Not good.

Tyler Palko's first pick is an ugly one. He threw it right into a crowd of three Jets players (and one Chiefs player) in the middle of the field. Jim Leonhard picked off the pass and promptly went down with an ankle injury. The Chiefs can not afford to turn it over this game. On the bright side, Steve Breaston immediately tackling Leonhard prevented a big return.

Perfect play call by the Jets leads to second touchdown. The Chiefs blitzed, the Jets ran a screen and Shonn Greene rumbled for 36 yards to the two yard line. That's two 30-plus yard plays from Greene.(and the first of several long screen plays for the Jets).

Down goes Glenn Dorsey. He went down on a running play in the Jets red zone and it didn't look too good. He limped off the field and right when he went down the Jets offensive linemen signaled for the Chiefs trainers.

DJ is the man. Really, he is. On one play in the second quarter, DJ burst up the middle of the line and dove at LaDainian Tomlinson's legs, avoiding a blocker, to make the two-yard loss. Just like the Matt Forte play last week.

The rout is on, Chiefs getting embarrassed. 21-3 in favor of the Jets. We know the Chiefs don't stand a chance in this game anymore and there's still a couple minutes until halftime. Ugh. We've seen plenty of blowouts this year already.

This is so bad I'm feeling very awkward watching it. The Chiefs were penalized on 7 of 10 plays at one stretch, including one on the Chiefs bench (Todd Haley).

Kansas City Mayor Sly James chimes in on Twitter: "Would like to see what Stanzi can do. Nothing to lose really."

Meltdown time for the Chiefs. This is almost unbelievable. Todd Haley was penalized for saying something to the refs and Le'Ron McClain came out onto the field to say something to the refs and received a penalty as well. This reminds me slightly of the 1998 Monday Night Meltdown.

Todd Haley's name is trending on Twitter. And that ain't a good thing.

Tyler Palko's second career touchdown pass looks a lot like the first one. It wasn't a hail mary but Palko wound up and flinged it into the end zone to Jerheme Urban, who caught the ball in traffic for the touchdown. Not quite a hail mary...but close.

The most frustrating part of the Chiefs offense is that we know what's coming. We know Tyler Palko isn't good. We know Thomas Jones doesn't pass three yards per carry very often.

The biggest indictment about this offense is that it makes me long for the days of Damon Huard and Tyler Thigpen.

I've hit the point where I stopped caring. Something that's happened a few times already this season.

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