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Thursday Night Football Open Thread

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Are you ready for some Thursday Night Football?

The game will be on NFL Network for those lucky enough to get the channel. The matchup features the 4-7 Philadelphia Eagles at the 4-7 Seattle Seahawks. This game shouldn't have playoff implications.

However, for those fantasy football fans it should be a nice match-up. I'm starting LeSean McCoy even though he is banged up. I'm also starting Marshawn Lynch who is on fire right now. Is it wrong to also start the Philadelphia defense?

Predictions on the game tonight? I'm thinking the Eagles win 28 to 17.

This will also be an open thread for those who don't get the game. Any personal victories today? What are you most looking forward to during the Chiefs and Bears game? Now, let's see those random gifs because I know they will be abundant during this game tonight. Are Seattle's fans the loudest 12th man? Go Eagles! Seahawks! Chiefs!