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Bears Say Chiefs QB Doesn't Really Matter

The Kansas City Chiefs are saying Tyler Palko is going to be the starting quarterback on Sunday but, as our poll on Wednesday showed, not everyone believes that with some choosing to think the Chiefs will instead roll with Kyle Orton on Sunday against the Chicago Bears.

So who do the Bears think will be rolling out of the tunnel on Sunday? Head coach Lovie Smith says it doesn't really matter.

"A lot of questions are being asked about who will play," Smith said, per the Bears official site. "It doesn't really matter to us whether it's Palko or Orton. We're going to prepare for the quarterback position. We don't feel like they'll change up their offense either way based on who is there."

He's right, basically. I was listening to Bill Belichick talk this week before the Pats game against the Colts, and when asked about Indy firing their defensive coordinator, Belichick said it didn't really matter because you can't put an entirely new defense in within a week.

The same applies here. The Chiefs offense should be largely unchanged whether it's Palko or Orton. What does matter, however, is execution. And there are plenty of Chiefs fans who think Orton would be supreme in that area.

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