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John Elway Calls The Chiefs A Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde Team

It seems John Elway and I agree on something. Earlier this week I said the Kansas City Chiefs were the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde of the NFL because of their ability to look so bad some weeks yet still put together a four-game winning streak, which is something Elway said this week.

"They've really been a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde team," Elway told the Broncos website. "They've had some tough losses but also some good wins. We have to be prepared for their best and Kansas City, having played their for many years, a very difficult place to play."

Elway should know it's a tough place to play. From 1983-1998, he made an annual visit to Arrowhead and often times it wasn't pretty. He had a few interesting things to say about the Chiefs, Tamba Hali, Tim Tebow and Arrowhead memories.

Tamba is the man: "Tamba Hali, as far as outside linebackers, could be the top outside linebacker in the NFL."

The Broncos offense: "The bottomline is we want to be a balanced attack on the offensive side. You want to run the football, and if they're taking the run away, you want to be able to throw it."

Changing the Broncos offense to fit Tebow: "We can't go strictly in the shotgun 100 percent of the time even though we've increased the amount of shotgun snaps since Tim's been the starter, I think 10-15 percent. The offensive staff has done a good job to adjust to take advantage of what Tim does best but also keep it within the realm of what we do offensively, and also what the other 10 guys on offense are used to doing."

Memories of playing at Arrowhead: "Neil Smith was one end, you had Derrick Thomas coming off the other end. I remember we used to play on the old astroturf and that was like playing on a track surface, hard and fast. It played right into DT's hands because he was so fast. The crowd noise...I just knew anytime I went in there I was going to play with one of those guys in my lap generally the whole day. Now that's changed, it's a little softer and not nearly as fast as it was."

Favorite memory at Arrowhead: '97 playoff game (I would transcribe what he said but it brings up too many bad memories for me.)