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NFL Power Rankings: Media Edition

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It's Tuesday and that can mean only one thing: yes, it's results show time on Dancing With the Stars! More importantly though, it's time for our weekly odyssey into the wild world of the NFL Power rankings. Seeing as though the Chiefs are one of the most inconsistent teams in football, participating in one of the most inconsistent divisions, this journey gets wilder by the week.

The AFC West is a mess right now and thus we will examine the rankings the same way we did last week: by finding out where the "experts" think we rank within our own division as well as the rest of the league. Are people still buying the Chargers? Is Oakland fading despite making a trade that was supposed to make them better? Are the Broncos really one game out? And what do people think of the Chiefs? These questions and more will be answered in this week's installment of the NFL Power Rankings: Media Edition.

There was some shuffling in the rankings this week with the Chiefs getting annihilated, the Chargers losing to the Packers and the Broncos Tebowing the Raiders. Next week should be even more interesting as all four teams play each other. I do wonder how San Diego will perform in their third game in eleven days and whether or not the Chiefs will rebound against the Broncos. I don't wish to wonder anything about the Raiders, so whatever happens to them is ok with me. Let's get started!


Football Outsiders:If you have been a weekly visitor to this article, you know that this is a statistic-driven site. And if you are of the opinion that the Chiefs are flat out not good, then this site backs you up. FO has the Chiefs ranked as the 28th best team in the league this week, only ahead of Arizona, Jacksonville, St. Louis and Indianapolis. The AFC West's "best" team is the Chargers who come in at 20th, while the Raiders and Broncos follow at 21st and 25th respectively. Certainly not a vote of confidence for the once proud AFC West.

Fox Sports with Brian Billick: Even though we have clearly been on Billick's bad side since day one, it's hard to argue with him in placing the Chiefs at 24th this week. What I'm not sure of is how he can have the Chargers still at 15th and the Broncos jumping the Raiders and Chiefs to get to 21. The Raiders come in one behind the Broncos at 22. If you click the link, it's basically Billick providing excuses for the Chargers, and everyone else needs to get their act together. Fair enough I guess, I just have trouble with the Chargers losing three in a row and still being in the top 15. Oh well.


National Football Post: Each week that goes by, the comments after each team at NFP get shorter and shorter, and more and more befuddling. Take this for example:

17. (17) San Diego Chargers (4-4): Norv Turner's club is taking steps backwards.

Yes, they truly are, this is correct. They are taking steps backwards everywhere except the NFP Rankings since they have the SAME ranking as last week. Facepalm. The Raiders are one spot behind the Chargers at 18th, while the Chiefs dropped four spots to number 20. After their impressive win, the Broncos moved up three spots to 24th. Not much else to see here. NFP says all we need to know by reminding us, "The Chiefs were embarrassed by the winless Dolphins—at home." Simple is best I suppose

SB Nation with Joel Thorman: Our fearless leader, Joel Thorman, sticks with the 1-2-3 policy again this week when dealing with the three "first place" teams in the West. Only this time he has switched the order of the teams. Instead of Chiefs, Chargers, Raiders going 15, 16, 17, he has the Chargers at 17th, the Raiders at 18th, and the Chiefs at 19th. Just out of the money are the Broncos who came in four lengths back in 23rd. I agree wholeheartedly with Joel's sentiment that "The Raiders can win the AFC West if Palmer plays like they thought he (Carson Palmer) would play." Until then though, I find all of the West teams to be very average.


Walter Football: Amazingly, half of our experts think the Chiefs are still in the top half of the division, despite the 31-3 loss at home to the Dolphins. Walter is one of them as he ranks the Chiefs at 19, down four spots from last week. The Chargers dropped one spot to 17th, while the Raiders sit still at 20. With their win, the Broncos move up one spot to 23rd. For a brutally honest NSFW thought about the Chiefs, check out the comments next to the Seahawks.

ESPN: The Worldwide Leader in Sports drops the Chiefs down one spot to number 19 this week, which is pretty generous considering their recent opinion of the team. The Chargers lead the division despite moving down two spots to 17th, while the Raiders fell four spots to 21st. Closing in on the Raiders are the Broncos who leap five spots to 23rd. Most have mentioned the Chiefs loss, but ESPN at least gives half-credit by saying. "They used up a lot of energy in winning four in a row and responded with a dud against the Dolphins at Arrowhead". At least people still remember we did win four in a row, so at least we have that going for us.

Pro Football Talk: I mentioned it last week, but these PFT rankings are becoming a must-read for their comedic value. I'm actually being serious. They aren't hysterical, but they get a chuckle out me lately. Here:

15. Cowboys (No. 20; 4-4): No team manhandles bad teams and struggles against good teams like the Cowboys.

20. Eagles (No. 19; 3-5): As a PFT commenter has observed, Juan Castillo is a great offensive line coach. Never before has the Bears’ offensive line looked so good.

25. Redskins (No. 24; 3-5): To apply the term "rebuilding" to this franchise implies that there’s actually been something in the past 15 years that had been built.

I don't know, I liked them. The NFC East thing was coincidence. In the AFC West, the PFT gang has the Oakland Raiders as our best squad yet again despite dropping five places to 16th. The Chiefs come in at 18th, just one spot ahead of the 19th ranked Chargers. Bringing up the rear but closing in on the field are the Broncos at 24th.


CBS Sports: Pete Prisco has done it again. One week after the Chiefs ascended eleven spots, they drop three places and still remain atop the AFC West at 16th. San Diego and Oakland both dropped three spots as well, coming in at 17th and 18th. While the Chiefs get their highest ranking, the Broncos get their lowest as they come in at 27th despite the victory. Like pretty much every site, CBS breaks it down like this: The Chiefs got embarrassed at home, Phillip Rivers is inconsistent and the team implodes, Carson Palmer isn't the old Carson Palmer yet, and Tim Tebow gets another week to start/ Broncos are only one game back.

I wish I had something more interesting for you, but our division is in rough shape right now. As mentioned before though, the two divisional matchups this week should give the division one or two clear-cut leaders. Obviously we hope the Chiefs will be one of them, but who knows what Sunday will hold. All I know is one week from now I will be right back here letting you know what happened. Thanks for reading and this was another edition of the NFL Power Rankings: Media Edition.