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Sobering Up From The Chiefs Four-Game Winning Streak

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Question for you: Should we be more concerned about the Kansas City Chiefs getting their butts whipped by the Miami Dolphins last weekend? We're still kind of teetering between the Chiefs four-game winning streak and the blowout loss to the Dolphins and I think Soren Petro made an interesting point about that on 810 WHB today.

"They didn't just kind of have a bad day -- they got their asses kicked," Petro said to Tim Grunhard of the Dolphins game last weekend. "I'll be honest with you, I'm nervous about the Broncos game because I don't think enough is being made of that.

"Everybody is still kind of drunk on the 'Well, we're 4-4' or 'Well, we're tied for first' or 'Well, we're in it' or 'Hey, 8-9 wins is gonna win the division.' Instead of saying we just got brutalized by a team that had zero wins.

"I mean, they sacked our quarterback five times had him running all over the place and we didn't even dirty the uniform of some putz Matt Moore. And nobody is discussing that. They seem to be pretty happy with themselves over there."

That's a good point -- the Chiefs didn't commit five silly turnovers and lose against the Dolphins. They just straight up got beat...badly. That's definitely a concern.

That said, the Chiefs have clearly demonstrated that they can come back from a bad loss (or losses). That they can play like dog poop one week and return to nearly beat the Chargers in San Diego for the first time in four years, or go on a four-game winning streak.

So while the Dolphins loss is concerning, I can just as easily see KC dominating Denver by 40 points as I can see them losing by 40 points. There really doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason as to why they play the way they do from week to week.

I guess what I'm saying is that, despite having seen eight games, I really don't think we have a good read on who the Chiefs are.