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Poll: Kansas City Chiefs First Half Defensive MVP

We've started the poll on the Kansas City Chiefs first half offensive MVP so now it's time to switch our focus to defense. This pick is a little more difficult than the offensive side of the ball because (I think) there's no a completely clear cut winner.

The candidates: Tamba Hali, Brandon Flowers, Kendrick Lewis, Brandon Carr and Derrick Johnson. Hali is clearly the Chiefs best (only?) pass rusher, Flowers is second in the NFL with four interceptions, Lewis has already matched his interceptions from last season (3), Carr continues to show he's one of the better second corners in the league and DJ might be putting in a Pro Bowl year.

(After the Miami Dolphins game, I'm tempted to put Jon McGraw in there.)

My pick: Derrick Johnson. Over the course of the entire season, DJ has been the most valuable, in my humble opinion. It's incredible to think that he wasn't getting on the field very much in Todd Haley's first year and then to see his
progression from then until now. Haley has commented that DJ's play in the Oakland Raiders game may have been one of his best.

These poll results will be a little more split than offense. The voting is now open...