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Poll: Kansas City Chiefs First Half Offensive MVP

The Kansas City Chiefs are at the halfway point of the season which means it's time for a few midseason awards. We'll be rolling a few of these out this week, asking you all to vote on it, and then post the winners later this week.

First up is the Chiefs offensive MVP award. Last year, this went to Jamaal Charles, who received 72 percent of the vote. This year....well, it won't be Charles.

There are only a few candidates in my mind -- Dwayne Bowe, Steve Breaston, Matt Cassel and Jackie Battle. And I'd put them in that order. Bowe has 39 receptions for 646 yards and four touchdowns, Breaston has 29 receptions for 450 yards and two touchdowns, Cassel has completed 61 percent of his passes for 1,650 yards and nine touchdowns to nine interceptions and Battle has rushed for 342 yards and one touchdown on 78 attempts.

My pick: Dwayne Bowe. He had 15 touchdowns all of last year but his start this year is really better because of his consistency. He has just one game under 50 yards receiving and last year at this time he had four. He's been the biggest threat offensively for the Chiefs throughout the entire season. We also gave Bowe our first month MVP.

Agree? Disagree? The final pick will be the winner of the poll.

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