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Dolphins Vs. Chiefs: The Best And The Worst

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What a debacle.

I'm confused. Does anybody feel like they have anything even resembling a grasp of this team right now? You could probably convince me that the Chiefs will get blown out by Denver at home and win on the road in New England in the same breath right now.


However, one mistake I won't make is to disregard the rest of this season because of this shellacking. And why? Because the Chiefs play in the…


Worst Division in the NFL - AFC West. Still in first place baby! Not so much smiling about it anymore (maybe a chuckle), but it's true. And while the San Francisco 49ers have brought some credibility to the NFC West, the Chargers are pointing their finger at their best player, the Raiders are trying to re-gift Carson Palmer, and the Broncos are convinced Jesus is the second coming of Tim Tebow. Meanwhile, the Chiefs are simply getting blown out by 27 points at home to an 0-7 team. Call me crazy, but I like the red team's chances as much as anybody.


Lets get this over with and forget about this one as quickly as possible…


The Best and Worst w/ His Dirkness:

Worst game of the season - Yep, I'm putting it there. The excuses aren't as rich and plentiful as they were the first two weeks of the season (mind you those two teams are a combined 11-5 now). There was no season ending injury in the first quarter to deal with mentally, no Pro Bowl quarterback to deal with physically, and no opening season jitters to deal with emotionally. There was one less day of practice, a six day hangover, and no Jon McGraw against a (un)sucky-for-Lucky hapless team. 


Worst realization by the Tecmo Bowl generation - There's no reset button to push after this one. Also, running down the field diagonally doesn't work like we were taught.


Best person to blame - Todd Haley. He deserves as much blame for these losses as he does credit for the wins. Maybe if the team would at least show up for the losses, he'd deserve some slack, but goodness gracious. I wish I could teach my dog how to roll over and play dead that well. The only loss that wasn't a complete embarrassment to the franchise came against San Diego (and I HAVE taught my dog how to outcoach Norv Turner, believe it or not). However, Haley still has this team at 4-4, while I would grade their talent level at 3-5, projecting to 6-10 for the season (without Charles/Berry/Moeaki - with them I'd say 9-7). So despite the triumvirate of craptitude, I still reside on Team Haley.


Worst person to not have on Team Haley - Scott Pioli. This gives Pioli all the more reason to fire Haley...if the previous reports are true that he desires to do so. And while this season could still turn out to be a disappointing 6-10, I believe it would be a colossal mistake to fire him. As overachieving as the team was in 2010, and with all the injuries that have slapped this year's team in the face, I'd much rather see one more year of Haley.


Worst part about getting blown out - I'm writing about job security rather than in-game analysis because I found myself in an emotionless coma by the third quarter yesterday.


Worst individual performance - Brandon Flowers. For better or worse, I feel like our defense follows the best player of our best defensive unit's lead. Remember the emotion he displayed last Monday night in his best game of the season? It was nowhere to be found yesterday, which is both inexcusable and understandable. What isn't understandable is allowing a FB/TE hybrid to burn you for large chunks of yardage on the exact same pass route twice in a row.


Worst day at the office - The offensive line. This game was very similar to last year's season finale against Oakland, when Matt Cassel wasn't able to sit in the pocket for two seconds without receiving a full cavity search courtesy of some 300 pound grown-ass men (where do I sign up for that job?). The bigger picture is that there's a way to dominate this offensive line, that not many teams are capable of pulling off. Otherwise, every other team in the league would study these tapes and emulate this disruptiveness. I'm no offensive line expert, but my best guess is that they're able to overwhelm the Chiefs' finesse offensive line with a mental state focused on pure physicality that isn't easy to reproduce.


Best way to neutralize Tamba Hali - Jake Long, apparently. It's rare to see La la la la Tamba as a complete non-factor all game long. Even if he's not sacking the QB, I'll usually find myself screaming for a holding call on him at least twice per game, which I did none of yesterday. It's amazing how ineffective our defense becomes once Hali is neutralized though. Where are our other pass rushers? Are we sure Wallace Gilberry is still alive?


Worst knock on Romeo Crennel - Nine sacks on the season, good for 32nd in the NFL. Even with Tamba Hali, one of the better pass rushers in the league (he has 67% of the output). Even playing the 3-4, which, according to my research, is the greatly superior pass rushing defense. Six of the top 10 teams in terms of sacks play a 3-4 defense, while nine of the bottom 11 teams play a 4-3 (by my unofficial count).


Best games of their career - Matt Moore and Curtis Painter against this Kansas City defense. Good thing we don't play Tarvaris Jackson or Colt McCoy this year.


Worst fake field goal ever - Dustin Colquitt straight up the gut where he leaps for an 11 yard first down. That was the play call right? This was definitely the tipping point of the game. It took the Dolphins all but four plays to score the Tamarick Gameover touchdown on the ensuing drive.


Best hands on the team - Le'Ron McClain. See, there is a bright side!


Best Chief to seek out after the game for the opposing QB - Sabby Piscitelli Primavera. Did anybody else catch this immediately following the game? "Hey remember when the game was still close and you hung around the line of scrimmage doing nothing, allowing us to pick up that crucial third down? High five! Ooh, too slow..."


Worst situation for Matt Cassel - The Kansas City Chiefs. I like Matt Cassel. He has every desire to win, he maximizes his talents, and accepts responsibility when he comes up short while staring all the criticism in the face. Not many of you like him, and I don't blame you for that. For far too long the fans of Kansas City have been forced to settle at the QB position. We've settled so far that brightly colored houses seem tacky and walking is considered weird. Retread after retread after retread is the name of the game in Kansas City. It's not even Cassel's fault. Nobody expected him to be a Top 10 QB when the Chiefs traded for him. He's just the current representation of what this franchise has been selling us for too long. The people of Kansas City are tired of the same old story. Eventually, the organization has to reject mediocrity and take their chance.


Sometimes reading somebody else's negative reactions can help you come to grips with a bad situation. Hopefully, this has helped your grieving process. And if not, just remember that we're only six days away from a Tebow beatdown.


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