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Chiefs Coach Todd Haley Explains 'Wild Ride' This Season

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley met the media on Monday and besides some of the normal postgame stuff about the Miami Dolphins he talked about where the team stands at the halfway point. The big takeaways are that Haley expected things to be different than usual this year considering the lack of an offseason and all that and that becoming a consistent team is one of their goals in the second half of the season.

"I said in training camp I thought it would be a wild ride and it hasn't disappointed," Haley said, via "A lot of different variables and we have a team that's still developing and still getting better and still a work in progress. Like I said, I'm excited about these guys, excited about the effort and care for the team that they have and that they consistently put forth. I wouldn't choose to be with anyone else."

"Wild ride" is a good way to put it. We've seen very low lows with the 0-3 start and then again last week against the Miami Dolphins but we've also seen some highs with the four-game winning streak (which was a first for Haley as a head coach).

The part about "effort" and that the players "care for the team" sounds like coach speak and maybe it is but I think there's a lot of truth there when you consider what the Chiefs have done. There's a reason only one team in the last 11 years has gone from 0-3 to winning four in a row.

The problem is that the Chiefs haven't shown much consistency on the season as a whole. They're either consistently bad, like they were in three blowout losses, or consistently good enough, like they were in a four-game winning streak. I think it's fitting that they're sitting right at .500 through the halfway point.

"I think consistency is the key to being a good team and a great team," Haley continued. "Very rarely do you see a team that's inconsistent be one of the last teams standing but that doesn't mean I said, we're at the halfway point. Consistency is going to be one of those things we're going to work hard on, in all areas, to be a more consistent team. As this season progresses, we have to continue to get better and I feel like we've done that to this point, and that needs to continue. Part of being better is being more consistent so that'll be one of our goals."

At some point, I'd like to find out -- one way or the other -- whether the 2011 Chiefs are a bad team or a good team. Plenty of stats would point to them being a bad team but, as Bill Parcells has said, you are what your record says you are.