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Chiefs First Half Grade Shows They're Average

The numbers from our Monday morning poll about the Kansas City Chiefs shows most fans think they're fantastically...average. We've had over 1,100 votes on our poll asking you all to grade the Chiefs through the first half of the season and here are the results:

  • A: 0%;
  • B: 7%
  • C: 61%
  • D: 27%
  • F: 4%

I think that's about right. I gave them a C because, at 4-4, that's what they are -- average.

I give them credit for the four wins on the season but the point differential tells us they should be one of the worst teams in the league. Only two teams -- Indianapolis Colts (-155) and St. Louis Rams (-111) -- have a worse point differential than the Chiefs (-70). From that perspective, I can see why 27 percent of the voters gave the Chiefs a D.

Luckily, the rest of the AFC West is just as average as they are and KC maintains their spot atop the AFC West with the Oakland Raiders and San Diego Chargers.