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Dolphins Beat Chiefs: Five Good Stats

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Kansas City Chiefs coach Todd Haley talks about "things that'll get you beat" and oddly enough the Chiefs actually avoided some of the those things in Sunday's game against the Miami Dolphins. They didn't turn it over, started off well, converted a decent amount of their third downs and controlled the time of possession.

But...they stilli lost by 28 points. (Of course, they did a lot of other "things that'll get you beat" such as allowing Matt Moore to complete 17-of-23 passes and throw three touchdowns, letting Reggie Bush nearly hit 100 yards on the ground and seeing Brandon Marshall catch a touchdown pass on 100-plus yards receiving.)

I tried to find five good stats from the game and I did, sort of. They're not the strongest stats but in the interest of doing this post every week, here's my attempt at five good stats from Sunday (and leave yours in the comments, if you can come up with any).
0. Turnovers by the Chiefs offense. OK, I used this as one of the bad stats because it showed how thoroughly whipped the Chiefs got on Sunday but, in reality, no turnovers by the Chiefs offense is a good thing. They've lost the turnover battle two times this year -- the first two games of the season. This game was odd because, so far this season, when the Chiefs tie (like they did against the Dolphins) or win the turnover battle, they're usually winning or keeping the game within one score. 

3. Points on the Chiefs first drive. (Yeah, you know if I'm praising one field goal I'm really stretching to find good stats.) Another reason it's kind of odd the Chiefs were blown out -- they started off well (as short as that was). The first drive had me thinking the offense wouldn't have a lot of trouble moving the ball. They had the ball with a lead just once this game -- their second drive, after forcing the Dolphins to punt on their initial possession.

40. Chiefs third down percentage. 8-of-20 isn't the world's best but it's not bad either. 40 percent on third downs isn't a terrible number -- that would put them in the middle of the league on the season.

34:39. Chiefs time of possession. They more than doubled the Dolphins in time of possession in the first half and finished nine minutes ahead of the Dolphins. 

2. Games lost by division opponents on Sunday.