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Hard To Figure Out Who Gets Chiefs Game Ball After Dolphins Loss

Anyone have an idea on who should get the game ball from the Kansas City Chiefs blowout loss to the Miami Dolphins? I'm really having some trouble with this one.

Matt Cassel? He wasn't the biggest culprit from Sunday's game but he did lead an offense that scored just three points against Miami.

Jackie Battle? Nah, he 40 yards on 14 carries and didn't really do anything of note.

Steve Breaston? Maybe. He had 115 yards receiving and was really the only consistent receiving threat for the Chiefs.

Dwayne Bowe? He had a couple of catches on the first drive that led to the Chiefs only points but other than that he wasn't a factor throughout the game.

Chiefs defense? They gave up 31 points and the only real argument is whether the secondary was worse than the pass rush.

So...who exactly gets the game ball for Week 9?