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Dolphins Beat Chiefs: Five Bad Stats

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When you lose 31-3 you know there will be a lot of bad stats and that's the case with the Kansas City Chiefs after getting blown out (at home) to the Miami Dolphins

Here are five (of many) bad stats I picked out. 

0. Turnovers by the Chiefs offense. OK, is this really a bad stat? No, it's not (and I'll probably use as one of the five good stats, but for different reasons). The reason I put this here is because the Chiefs can't claim that they made a bunch of silly turnover mistakes as the reason they lost. They just got beat. Badly. To me, that's the most concerning part of this loss -- there's no overly obvious reason they lost. It's a bunch of little things that happened over and over again and I think that's worse than having an off day, turning it over three times and getting blown out.
5. Times Matt Cassel was sacked. Add his nine rushing attempts to this, too, as he scrambled all day long. The Chiefs offensive line played very well a few weeks ago against a better Raiders pass rush and then they come out against Miami and look like they had no idea what hit them. Cassel isn't Aaron Rodgers where he can throw four touchdowns outside the hashmarks. He needs time in the pocket and he didn't have that on Sunday.

3.4. Yards per rush for the Chiefs. That's 34 rushing attempts and 116 yards. Nine of those came from Cassel and the longest run of the day was 11 yards. Jackie Battle finished with 14 carries for 40 yards. You'd think with 34 attempts that, at some point, someone would break one. (Oops, I forgot Jamaal Charles wasn't on the field this year.)

39. Pass attempts by Matt Cassel. You could really lump this into the lack of effectiveness in the rushing game but here's a stat I want to highlight: KC is 0-10 when Cassel throws the ball more than 35 times. If you see Cassel throwing the ball a lot, you can take a good guess that the Chiefs aren't doing very well. He supplements the Chiefs offense. He is not the entire offense.

0-for-2. Chiefs offense in the red zone. OK, this one doesn't really matter because the Chiefs were down 28-3 and then 31-3 when both of their red zone failures came but it highlights what kind of day they had. They got inside the Dolphins five yard-line twice and came away points.