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Arrowheadlines: Chiefs News 11/7

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At least the Chargers and Raiders stink too, right? Oh, and good morning. The good news is the game did end, thus preventing the Dolphins from scoring again (because the D certainly couldn't). To read all about it just continue on for today's Kansas City Chiefs news. Enjoy.

Their four-game winning streak ended in a surprising way with a 31-3 loss to the previously winless Dolphins at Arrowhead Stadium.

Except in a way, it wasn't surprising at all. The Chiefs had spent plenty of energy overcoming their 0-3 start, and if the emotional tank was ever going to be less than full, Miami Week was a prime suspect.

Chiefs Fall Flat in 31-3 Loss to Dolphins from KC Star

Following Sunday's 28-point loss, Kansas City's locker room stood by their pre-game stance. The home field no-show wasn't a mental issue, the team maintained.

If the Chiefs were mentally prepared for Miami, the body never caught up with the mind.

"We knew who the Dolphins were," OLB Andy Studebaker said. "We knew that they were a good team. We knew that they had a lot of playmakers and those playmakers made plays."

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KC Star Photo Gallery: Dolphins 31, Chiefs 3

KC Star Photo Gallery: Chiefs Fans Tailgate at Arrowhead Stadium

The Chiefs lost. They lost to a winless team. They lost to a winless team at home. They lost by four touchdowns to a winless team at home. They lost by four touchdowns to a winless team at home even without turning the ball over.

You see what's happening here: A 31-3 loss to the previously sucking-for-Luck Dolphins at home appears worse and worse the more you look at it.

But if this looks worse than the historic levels of failure that defined the Chiefs' first three games, that's only because time is coloring perception.

Chiefs Are Caught In The Grip Of Mediocrity from KC Star

On where to place responsibility for the loss: "If we ask them to practice, they practice, that's the bottom line. It's not like we had a full week as it was. If I asked them to go out and practice for 40 plays and work on special teams even if it's just for one day....I'm not making excuses...they're in there; they're mad and upset with themselves and know they can play better. I know they can. Today we didn't play good enough. It's a loss in the fourth game of the second quarter of the season, so right now at the halfway point, we've got to start up and get ready to go and get better every day and play better."

Todd Haley Postgame Comments from The Mothership

On the game: "We are all disappointed on how we played today. We got beat in all three phase today. We didn't want to come out here in front of our home fans and play like that but unfortunately it went the way it did. Our hats go off to the Miami Dolphins for their first win of the season."

Matt Cassel Postgame Comments from The Mothership

You had a short week and had an emotional win Monday night. Did you guys have anything left today? "I think we had a lot left today. As a team, we didn't come out with enthusiasm, power and energy we like we had in past weeks and it showed today. Coach put us in a situation to be ready and we just didn't go out and execute."

Chiefs Players Postgame Comments - Dolphins from The Mothership

On Sunday, the Chiefs' secondary was not superhuman. It was not intimidating or fearless. Matt Moore completed 17 of his 23 passes, three of which went for touchdowns, and none was intercepted.

"Bad day," Chiefs cornerback Brandon Carr said.

In reality, this wasn't a bad day for the secondary. It was an average day, at least for those defenders seen as part of the team's long-term future. Performances like those of the last two weeks are extraordinary, and it's unrealistic to think they can be pulled off consistently.

Chiefs' Chances Aren't Good If Secondary Isn't More Than Average from KC Star

Finally, for the first time in 10 regular-season games.

"Instead of hanging around and waiting for the guys on the other side to screw it up, our team just put it in their own hands. That's what I've been waiting to see," beleagured Dolphins coach Tony Sparano said. "That's the daring part."

Moore, Bush Lead Dolphins To First Win Of Season; Chiefs' 4-Game Win Streak Ends In 31-3 Loss from The Washington Post

Punter Dustin Colquitt said there was miscommunication Sunday on what was supposed to be a fake field goal. Instead, a confused-looking Colquitt was left holding the ball, and he ran into the defense for a turnover on downs.

"We weren't all on the same page," he said.

Colquitt said the play was designed to be a pooch punt, in which kicker Ryan Succop was supposed to field the snap. Instead, the snap went to Colquitt.

Chiefs Buzz: Colquitt Explains Botched Fake Field Goal from KC Star

Why did this game turn into a landslide victory that temporarily derailed the "Suck for Luck' express?

1. Kansas City had one less day to prepare for the Dolphins, and that's important, especially when Sparano has intimate knowledge of Todd Haley, his partner while the two called plays for Bill Parcells' Cowboys.

2. The Chiefs have tiny cornerbacks, and an injured nickel cornerback in Javier Arenas, who didn't play. That means the Dolphins passing game could feast on the Chiefs IF the Dolphins got protection.

Miami Dolphins Won't Go Winless In 2011 from The Sun Sentinel

The Chiefs' pass protection put together one of its more disappointing performances of the season in Sunday's 31-3 loss to the previously winless Miami Dolphins.

Sure, the Chiefs knew that the Dolphins had a talented pass rush. But on Sunday, it looked like the Steel Curtain. Cassel was sacked five times, the most in a game since January's regular-season finale against Oakland, another blowout loss.

Dolphins' Defense Kept Matt Cassel On The Run from KC Star

On a day the Kansas City Chiefs and Oakland Raiders could end up long regretting, the Chargers, Chiefs and Raiders started in a three-way tie and ended in a three-way tie after all three teams lost home games. They are all 4-4 at midpoint of the season. Denver -- yes, Denver -- looms at 3-5. 

Week 9 has to be particularly disheartening for Kansas City and Oakland. Both teams had to be looking forward to improving to 5-3 Sunday and seeing if the other teams in the scrum would keep up.

The Mild, Mild West from ESPN

Moore, making his fourth start of the season since Chad Henne's season-ending shoulder injury, became the first Dolphins passer to throw for three touchdowns in a game since Chad Pennington got three against the Chiefs on Dec. 21, 2008.

"You make a couple of big plays early on in the game, and there's no telling what could happen after that," Moore said, "and we stayed on a roll. Guys were loving it. It's just a good feeling, and hopefully we can continue it. The goal in this sport is to get wins. We definitely needed it."

Fed-Up Dolphins Prove They're Ready For A Win from KC Star

The Chiefs may eventually come to regret the day they lost a home game 31-3 to the previously winless Miami Dolphins.

But for now, the loss didn't cost the Chiefs a share of first place in the AFC West standings.

For that, they can thank Sunday losses by the Oakland Raiders and San Diego Chargers.

Loss Doesn't Hurt Chiefs Too Much In AFC West Standings from KC Star

You want to know how crazy the AFC West has gotten? Wrap your mind around this: The Denver Broncos, Tim Tebow's Broncos, are 3-5 and one game out of first place in the division. Replace him? The guy is 2-1 as a starter and is leading the Broncos back to football relevance.

Well, let's not get ahead of ourselves. But that's what Week 9 wrought in the AFC West, where the top three teams all lost at home. The visiting Broncos upset the Raiders 38-24, while the Chargers lost at home to the Packers and the Chiefs went down in flames at home against the Dolphins.

Snap Judgements from Sports Illustrated

Matt Cassel, Quarterback, Kansas City Chiefs. The Dolphins were all over Cassel today, taking a huge lead, and then teeing off on him when they knew the Chiefs had to throw. Cassel rarely had a chance to set his feet. He was sacked five times, and running for his life much more often than that. He completed just 20 of his 39 attempts on the day, and this was against the Dolphins, who are not pass defense specialists. A "great googly moogly" kind of day for the Chiefs.

Sunday's Five Least Valuable Players, Week 9 from Yahoo! Sports

It was fun living in fantasy land the past month. The Chiefs were riding a four-game winning streak and in position to defend the AFC West title. Kansas City was fresh off of a season high point after a thrilling victory over division rival San Diego Chargers. The road to 6-3 looked to be paved but the Chiefs overlooked one important detail - showing up against the 0-7 Miami Dolphins. 

I'd like to sit here and tell you the Chiefs got caught in a trap game, that they are a better team than they showed Sunday, but I can't. This team is exactly what they appear to be: a struggling .500 squad.

Chiefs Return To Mediocrity from Warpaint Illustrated