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AFC West Remains A Mystery After Chiefs, Raiders And Chargers Lose

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Through nine weeks, we still have no idea who the best team in the AFC West is. For the second consecutive week we have a three-way tie between the Kansas City Chiefs, San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders at 4-4. It had 22 years since there was a three-way tie between 4-3 team so this is definitely odd.

In Week 9 we saw all three of those teams win which means the Denver Broncos are one game back in the AFC West. (Yes, you read that right.)

The three-way tie will end next week when the Chargers host the Raiders on Thursday Night Football. (Unless the Chargers and Raiders ends in a tie. And the Chiefs. I wouldn't put it past this division.)

Here's the next three up for every team in the AFC West:

Chiefs: Denver, at New England, Pittsburgh.

Raiders: at San Diego, at Minnesota, Chicago.

Chargers: Oakland, at Chicago, Denver.

Broncos: at Kansas City, New York Jets, at San Diego.