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Dolphins Dominate Chiefs: The Good, Bad And Ugly

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After a performance like that, it's hard to get too in depth about what the Kansas City Chiefs did wrong against the Miami Dolphins. So here's the good bad and ugly from the game in bullet-point style.


  • Steve Breaston was fairly consistent throughout the game catching seven balls for 115 yards, including an awesome he's-out-of-bounds-wait-no-he's-not moment down the left sideline late in the game.
  • The Chiefs offense didn't turn the ball over once.
  • Dexter McCluster averaged over five yards per touch.
  • The Chiefs got off to a good start on their first drive.
  • Kansas City can now start shaving their beards.


  • Dwayne Bowe, whether it was his fault or not, didn't have an impact in any meaningful minutes.
  • The Chiefs defense had no sacks.
  • Brandon Marshall, as he usually does, ripped the Chiefs for a big game ending with 106 yards and a touchdown.
  • That wanna-be fake punt/field goal thing. Bad execution and communication all around.
  • The Chiefs defense made Reggie Bush look like a really good running back.
  • The boo birds were back out at Arrowhead (and rightfully so).


  • Matt Cassel was running for his life and rushed the ball nine times. He was sacked five times.
  • Matt Moore had a career day completing 17-of-23 passes for 244 yards and three touchdowns.
  • The Chiefs secondary gave up big chunks of yardage fairly consistently throughout the game.
  • This is the Dolphins first win of the season so the Chiefs will be on the SportsCenter highlight reel for all the wrong reasons.

It's Game Time.

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