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Matt Moore And Miami Dolphins Torching Kansas City Chiefs 21-3

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This is a stat line I absolutely did not see coming: Miami Dolphins QB Matt Moore is 14/19 passing with three touchdowns to go along with 213 yards. Three touchdowns.

The Kansas City Chiefs are losing 21-3 to the Miami Dolphins. Again, the winless Miami Dolphins. 

The major killers for the Chiefs right now are the inability of the offensive line to protect Matt Cassel and an uncharacteristically bad performance by the KC secondary.

Kansas City is still in this game with a little under 8 minutes left in the third quarter. But so far, I have not seen anything that tells me the Chiefs are going to stop the Miami pass rush or Matt Moore's passing. Yeah, I had to type that.

Full stats are here. What are your gut feelings for the rest of this game?