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Dolphins Are What The Chiefs Could Have Been This Year

Sounds like all is not well in Miami. Former Dolphins beat writer Jeff Darlington now with reports that earlier this week, CB Vontae Davis and WR Brandon Marshall got into an argument after Marshall was doing some trash talking. The two had to be restrained but a source tells Darlington that Davis wanted to rip Marshall's head off. Davis isn't making the trip to KC for "non-injury related" reasons. They're not saying whether this fight has anything to do with it.

Um, yeah. That sounds a little dysfunctional but it also highlights one difference between the Chiefs and Dolphins.

The Chiefs had the training camp fight between Thomas Jones and Jonathan Baldwin. They lost the first two games 89-10 and started 0-3. They were in a similar position as the Dolphins. Past history has taught us that the Chiefs were falling apart, that they were done.

But, for whatever reason (Sam Mellinger explores that reason in his Sunday story), they didn't falter. They came back and won four games in a row and look to make it five in a row today.

The Dolphins and Chiefs were in similar position just a month ago but have gone in completely opposite directions since then.

Give us your top reason as to why the Chiefs were able to come back and the Dolphins were not.