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Dolphins Vs. Chiefs: Cameron Wake And Then Who?

You guys know Cameron Wake, right? The Miami Dolphins pass rusher? He's sort of in the same mold as the Kansas City Chiefs' Tamba Hali so we've been seeing a lot of stories floating talking about those two. Wake is usually the guy you think of when you talk about the Dolphins defense, at least he has been since about midway through last season.

(Side note: Speaking of Tamba, the best story about him today is Sam Mellinger's in the KC Star this morning.)

But we know about Wake, who fell just short of Hali in the AFC sack lead last year. So when I talked with our Dolphins blog, The Phinsider, earlier this week, I wanted to learn more about one of the unknowns on defense. What defensive player out there on the Dolphins do we not know right now but probably will by the end of the game?

"Defensive player? Does Miami have a defense?" Kevin from the Phinsider started.

So Dolphins fans are at the point where they have to joke about how bad their team plays sometimes. KC Chiefs fans aren't that far removed from feeling the exact same way -- we call it 2007 through 2009 and the first two games of 2011.

"Really though," Kevin continued, "this is a tough one. A lot of the guys who would actually could have an impact, you probably know -- Cameron Wake, Jason Taylor, Karlos Dansby, etc.

"Someone who you may not have heard of could be rookie cornerback Jimmy Wilson.  The Dolphins' seventh round pick this year got his first start last week against the Giants in relief of the injured Vontae Davis. Wilson looked like the speed of the game surprised him, but he is capable of making some great plays. With the experience, and another week to make sure his fundamentals are in line, he could have an impact on this game."

Another week, another backup option in the secondary for KC's opponent. It was Marcus Gilchrist against San Diego last week and Jacob Lacey against Indy a few weeks before that. Things didn't go over well for them in those games so I'm curious to see if the Chiefs try to exploit Wilson today.