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November To Remember?

October was certainly a treasure, a month where the Chiefs finally remembered how to win for the first time in 2011. Prior to October, the Chiefs had lost every game (including the meaningless preseason) this year going back to the January 2, 2011 regular season game against the Oakland Raiders. The Chiefs lost 31-10 at home.

Which if you go back to that game, you also have to include the playoff loss to the Baltimore Ravens. In that game the Chiefs lost 30-7 at home, in front of 72,190 screaming fans that mostly left that game heartbroken and defeated, unless they were fans of the enemy.

Before the Chiefs four game winning streak in October, the Chiefs were outscored 260-86 in 2011 (including the meaningless preseason again.) Even blind homereffic fans like myself were failing to see the optimism in the Chiefs bland outlook by the end of September. They were playing terrible football, and on top of that they were losing superstars to season ending injuries like the opposing teams hired Tonya Harding to knee strike our season.

All of that is in the past now, if you fast forward to this moment, here is what you get:

The Chiefs Record: 4-3. In Todd Haley's quarter system, the Chiefs are:

1-3 in the first quarter of the season.

3-0 in the second quarter of the season.

Honestly, I don't remember the last time I was so proud of a 4-3 football team, this team literally pulled itself out of oblivion against all odds to get to where it is. It has been a truly amazing turn around, and seven games into the season, the Chiefs still have a long way to go. Starting with this four game stretch in November:

Miami Dolphins Sunday, November 06 2011 12:00 PM CST coverage
Denver Broncos Sunday, November 13 2011 12:00 PM CST coverage
@ New England Patriots Monday, November 21 2011 7:30 PM CST coverage
Pittsburgh Steelers Sunday, November 27 2011 7:20 PM CST coverage

By the end of this month, the Chiefs will have had three prime time game in 30 days (when was the last time that happened?) Will this month be a November to remember?

I don't know.

The Chiefs at this point, seem like a team that likes to take things one game at a time, and that is a great thing to do over the course of an entire NFL season. It helps teams to avoid trap games like the New Orleans Saints just ran into against the lowly St. Louis Rams last Sunday where they lost 31-21.

As fans, I don't think that there is anything wrong with skipping ahead a little bit. If you just glance at the above schedule, your first instinct might be 2-2. Let's take a small look at each game coming up. All stats are from here and here.

Chiefs -vs- Dolphins


Head-to-Head: 12-12-0

Dolphins Total Offense: 21st

Offensive Passing: 25th

Offensive Rushing: 12th

Total Defense: 23rd

Defensive Passing: 27th

Defensive Rushing: 13th

The Miami Dolphins are 0-7 going into this game, this is interesting because they will be the third winless team the Chiefs will go up against this season. Those other two games were against the Vikings and the Colts, the Chiefs were able to pullout victories both times.

This season the Dolphins have not been a very good team. One of the problems with the Dolphins is scoring, other than the 1st game of the season against the Patriots (24 Points), the Dolphins haven't scored over 17 points again. That is not going to do a lot for a team in terms of wins, but when your QB (Chad Henne) gets knocked out for the season, that kind of thing can happen.

Now the Miami Dolphins are packing up their losing season and heading to Arrowhead Stadium tomorrow to face off against our Chiefs. Even though Matt Moore is a quarterback that has been sacked 16 times and has a poor QB rating of 65.3, it doesn't mean the guy doesn't have some weapons.

Brandon Marshall is a great option at receiver for the Dolphins, he always finds ways to get open and has 538 yards on the season. It is going to take tight coverage from both of the Chiefs Brandon's in order to contain this guy.

The Dolphins are ranked 12th in the NFL rushing the ball. Reggie Bush and Daniel Thomas are a solid duo, they both have 75 rushes for over 300 yards. The Dolphins can get it done on the ground or through the air, they are just incredibly inconsistent and struggle to finish out games. The Kansas City Chiefs cannot underestimate this team if they want to get another big win on Sunday and their 13th win in this series for the overall lead.

Just for Chiefs history, Larry Johnson did have one rush for 2.0 yards this season in Miami. So a big hand to LJ for that accomplishment. It's good to see him finally taking off his diaper.

Chiefs -vs- Broncos

Head-to-Head: 55-46-0

Broncos Total Offense: 27th

Offensive Passing: 30th

Offensive Rushing: 7th

Total Defense: 20th

Defensive Passing: 19rd

Defensive Rushing: 17th

As of this week, the Denver Broncos are 2-5 and on top of the world with Tim Tebow throwing the ball. The Denver fans chanted for him early in the season and they got their wish.

Are they happy now?

I don't know, but the media sure does love to talk about Tim Tebow even when he has a 46.1 completion percentage. This is a Denver team that doesn't do a whole lot really well, in fact they have been dreadful most of the year. Yet, it is still the Chiefs versus the Broncos when it comes down to it, and it will be a hard fought game in Kansas City.

Arrowhead should be rocking for this one. Especially if the Chiefs can get a win against Miami on the morrow. The Broncos are an aging average defense that the Chiefs should be able to exploit in the passing game. I can't wait for this one, but we have to get through tomorrow first.

Chiefs -vs- Patriots

Head-to-Head: 16-12-3

Patriots Total Offense: 3rd

Offensive Passing: 2nd

Offensive Rushing: 18th

Total Defense: 32nd

Defensive Passing: 32nd

Defensive Rushing: 8th

Looking at this team's head-to-head record against the Chiefs. Those three ties really stand out.

Could we be headed for a tie on Monday Night Football part deux this season for Kansas City? Right now, I would take a tie against this team, it would be better than a beat down on prime time TV, right?

On second thought, screw that, the Chiefs can potentially beat this team and I am sure Scott Pioli would love to beat his former boss/current BFF with the whole world watching. It would be a perfect moment in a roller coaster ride of a season, but is it even possible?

When you look at the current statistical rankings it might just be possible. The Chiefs are setting up to have the best receiver unit in the entire NFL potentially, with Steve Breaston, Dwayne Bowe and rookie Jonathan Baldwin. The Patriots are ranked so poorly against the pass, that even though they 8th against the run, it still averages out that they have the worst overall defense in the league. That is something that they don't gush about on Sports Center when talking about the Patriots.

The problem?

Well that is Tom Brady, the defense doesn't even have to take the field and he will have his team in the game until the waning seconds are left on the clock. Do we have any idea how the Chiefs improving defense will play against the Patriots? I don't, but I think if the Chiefs can get these next two wins, that they will have as good of chance as any to knock off the Pats.

This is a big time game for the Chiefs, it will be the first game all season where they might actually get credit for a win, if by some miracle they do actually win this game.

Two Monday Night games in one season, what a treat.

Chiefs -vs- Steelers

Head-to-Head: 9-17

Steelers Total Offense: 9th

Offensive Passing: 8th

Offensive Rushing: 14th

Total Defense: 2nd

Defensive Passing:1st

Defensive Rushing: 9th

After a rough one game start the Steelers have pulled it together and are once again one of the best teams in the NFL. They are also currently on a four game winning streak and Ben Roethlisberger has thrown for over 350 yards in the past two games.

This is a good football team, and sure the Chiefs beat them at home the last time the two teams played in 2009, but now these are different circumstances. The Steelers can do everything above average and throughout history have beat the Chiefs .654% of the time. This will not be an easy game for the Chiefs at all.

What we can hope for is that the Chiefs keep winning and for Arrowhead Stadium to be rocking on that Sunday Night this Novemeber 27th. Picture it, if the Chiefs are somehow 7-3 going into that game. The atmosphere at Arrowhead would be mindbogglingly loud. Wouldn't that be nice?

Let's cheer this team to a victory tomorrow and that will be another step in the right direction for this Le'John' McClain die hard football team. He predicticted 5-3, will he be right?