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Those Red Socks Cost Chiefs Players $5,000 Apiece

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A few Kansas City Chiefs players including Dwayne Bowe, Brandon Flowers and Brandon Carr came onto the field for Monday Night Football wearing red socks and red shoes, which looked different from the rest of their teammates. We knew right away they'd be fined by the uniform police and the league confirmed today that they were.

The cost of wearing those awesome-looking red socks? $5,000 for each player. Bob Gretz has a story posted that Bowe says the fine came because of the shoes (no NFL logo) but the league said it was for the socks. Either way, they're losing $5,000.

Legend has it, according to Nick Wright of 610 Sports, that the league's uniform folks told the players at halftime that they could put the regular socks back on and not get fined but apparently they decided not do that.

Other fines from the Monday night game...

Chargers S Steve Gregory was fined $10,000 for hitting a defenseless player in the head and/or neck area. This came on Le'Ron McClain's reception (which he held on to) and Gregory was penalized on the play.

Also fined in the game was Chargers LB Bront Bird for an unnecessary roughness call where he hit a Chiefs player on special teams late and away from the play. He'll see $7,500 less in his paycheck this week.