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Arrowhead Pride Weekly

It's another Friday and that means another day closer to some Chiefs football at Arrowhead Stadium.  This game coming up is a classic trap game but I still think the Chiefs pull off the win. These next two games are a must win in my opinion. 

It was a pretty interesting week of news. The Chiefs defense has really stole the show these last couple of weeks earning NFL awards for individual performances.  As always I'll give you the run down of the top stories, FanPost, and FanShot.  There is also a funny story one year ago today making fun of Matt Cassel

If you think you missed something then please follow along.

Five Biggest Stories

1.  Chargers Vs. Chiefs 2011: Kansas City Beats San Diego In Overtime 23-20

I am only 26 but my heart can't take many games like last week.  I was screaming at the TV the whole night.  Near the end of the 4th quarter I was really upset--then the fumble happened.  The Chiefs never gave up the lead but the game was too close for me.  This is another highlight win for the Kansas City Chiefs.

2.  Chiefs Defender Gets Player Of The Week For The Second Straight Week

Derrick Johnson finally gets the award he deserves.  He is playing lights out and if he keeps up his current pace he will have 130 tackles for the season.  This is what we expected when the Chiefs drafted him in 2005.  Did you know Derrick Johnson has 8 interceptions and 44 passes defended in his career thus far?

3.  Jonathan Baldwin And His Touchdown Are Up For Rookie Of The Week

This is also what we expected when the Chiefs drafted Baldwin out of Pitt this year.  He was lined up out of the TE position quite a bit and was a match-up nightmare.  I'm liking where are passing game is headed this year.  We just need Cassel to be more consistent.

4.  AFC West Standings: Now Featuring The First Place Chiefs

This is what I'm talking about!  The Chiefs are back in the spot where they belong.  I always said that good teams beat the teams they are suppose to beat, a few they aren't suppose to beat, and win the division games.  So far the Chiefs are doing just that!  Go Chiefs!

5.  Leigh Bodden Reportedly Visits The Chiefs

I'm thinking that we don't really need help at CB.  Then again we do need some depth in the secondary in general.  Bodden would help in case of injuries and certain situations.  I wouldn't mind this signing for the right price.

In Case You Missed It...

1.  Chiefs Give A Few Game Balls To Arrowhead

These are the types of stories that I love in regards to the Chiefs franchise.  It would be a nice idea if they did this every week for the fans.  Not only does it look good for the organization but it can help out in charity.

2.  Le’Ron McClain Gets To Keep His Touchdown

This was a few days late coming from the Oakland game but McClain does indeed get to keep his touchdown.  I'm happy for any player that is credited with a touchdown so congrats McClain!

Fanpost Of The Week

MNF Recap, Tambahawk and Defense! by Tomahawk29

These are the kind of posts where I'm thankful to be apart of Arrowhead Pride.  It has the perfect blend of humor, gifs, and football knowledge.  If you haven't seen it already then just click on the link.  You know you want to.

Fanshot Of The Week

Ask Arrowhead Pride by craig in calgary

Thanks for going over to the Phinsider to take on some questions.  If you haven't headed over there yet then click on the link to get there.  There has been a ton of comments over there already.

A Year Ago Today...

Matt Cassel Learns Not To Drop Cliches Around Jay Glazer

This is so funny not only because Glazer catches Matt off guard but Matt actually tries to defend the hairstyle.  I'm sorry Matt but nothing was ever cool about that look.  Glazer:  1  Cassel:  0