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60/40 Split For Chiefs QBs Tyler Palko And Kyle Orton Today

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The biggest story line for the Kansas City Chiefs this week will once again be the quarterback situation. Three weeks ago it was Matt Cassel hurting his hand, two weeks ago it was Tyler Palko's first start and last Sunday it was Palko vs. Kyle Orton.

This week we'll continue to be watching the situation involving Palko and Orton. As we all know by now, Chiefs coach Todd Haley has said Palko remains starter but Orton will have a chance to compete.

But what really matters is who's taking the snaps in practice. Haley told the Chicago media today on a conference call (and will probably say the same to the KC media later today) that Palko will receive about 60 percent of the first team reps today while Orton will receive about 40 percent.

So, for now, the Chiefs starting quarterback remains a mystery (as long as we assume Haley is telling the truth about the number of reps for each guy). There's no clear-cut leader at the moment.

Anyone wanna bet the Chiefs don't announce the starter until the weekend?