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Another Week Of Connections For The Kansas City Chiefs

This marks the Kansas City Chiefs third consecutive week where they'll be playing a team the front office, coaching staff and players have a lot of connections to. Two weeks ago it was the New England Patriots and all that comes with that and last week it was the Pittsburgh Steelers, where the father of Chiefs coach Todd Haley worked for nearly two decades.

That trend continues this week when the Chiefs will play the Chicago Bears, Haley's former team. Before he became the Chiefs coach, Haley was the receivers coach in Chicago from 2001-03.

Haley talked with Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune last weekend and talked about coming back to his former home.

"If I was never an assistant there it would be special, to go in as a head coach and line up against the Bears at Soldier Field," Haley said. "To go out and play them at Soldier Field will be a big moment for me just personally. With where we are and the games remaining on the schedule, it will be a big, big game anyway you cut it."

Haley will probably talk more about this today when he meets with the KC media but this is wrapping up a fairly emotional stretch for the Chiefs coaches, players and front office.