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Matt Cassel Wants Arrowhead Pride Out At The Dolphins Game


Kansas City Chiefs QB Matt Cassel went on NFL Network's Around The League on Thursday and said he wants Arrowhead Pride to show up on Sunday against the Miami Dolphins.

Uh, does he mean us, Probably not, but whatever. Here's what he said on NFLN:

"When you watch this Miami football team on tape this is not what their record really reflects," Cassel said, echoing his head coach earlier in the day. "This is a strong physical football team that is well coached. Also on this short week we have to be ready to play and get prepared because they do a lot of different things from multiple looks so it'll be a good test for us.

"Again, hopefully that Arrowhead Pride comes back out for us, and supports us, and we'll have a lot of fun come Sunday."

So if you were on the fence, use this as your motivation to head out to the game on Sunday. Ms. Primetime and a pair of her friends bought tickets to the game this weekend (and she bought them through our ticket center).

(H/T MUChief)